Encounter Retreat (Student Ministers and Spouses)


P.A.C.T. Ministry invites you to be a part of a special three day get-away which is solely dedicated to provide encouragement and care for student ministers and their spouses.

This retreat will provide you with a fine blend of:

  • fellowship with other couples
  • enriching encouragement and teaching
  • counsel oriented to the needs of couples
  • much needed rest and relaxation

How does a spectacular getaway catering entirely to your marriage sound? How about two nights and three days for you and your spouse to centrally focus on one another? P.A.C.T. Ministry is committed to afford you these delights by offering two nights of great fellowship with other student pastors and their spouses, encouraging spiritual challenges scratching right where you itch, and plenty of free time to rest and relax. It's time for you to leave the fast paced life of ministry behind and get away for a few days with the one you love!

Like all PACT conferences, this weekend is offered at cost making it a very affordable getaway.


Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.

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