Experience Retreat (Student Ministers)



The Experience Retreat is a four day workshop dedicated to providing personal training and care to student ministers combining classroom instruction along with practical on-sight training.

The retreat leader is Matt Brinkley. Matt is a veteran with over 30 years of student ministry experience. His experience, exhortation gifts, quest to stay culturally relevant, commitment to timeless Biblical principles, and heart for student pastors and students make him much sought after for training and counsel.

The retreat consists of roundtable discussions among the participating youth pastors on hot topics such as:

  • Establishing personal priorities as a youth pastor
  • Professional Assessment of Personality (RightPath) and Spiritual Gifts
  • Training on Four Biblical Principles of Ministry
  • Creating vision and goals in life and ministry
  • Building a culture of life-to-life Discipleship
  • Creating practical steps on how to recruit and care for adult leaders
  • Implementation steps to build student leadership

Practical on-sight training includes viewing facets of a student youth ministry such as campus ministry, student led worship, youth staff meeting, discipleship groups, adult lay leader meetings, and Sunday morning programming.

While the unique practical programs of the hosting churches serve as a great backdrop for the participant to view ministry in action, it is not the intention of P.A.C.T. Ministry to teach a certain style of ministry. It is our desire to exhort fellow student pastors to consider timeless Biblical principles that will serve to create powerful ministry in their local church.

The Experience also provides one on one time for each participant with Matt Brinkley. The attention to the specific needs of the individual combined with practical on-sight training, adds a unique and rich flavor to The Experience.

Materials Provided:
  • The Experience Notebook
  • "Four Biblical Principles"
  • "Stay the Course"
  • RightPath Personality Assessment
  • Basden-Johnson Spiritual Gifts Assessment

To provide individual attention the conference is limited to 7 participants. So reserve a spot early! For further information or to make a reservation, please contact the P.A.C.T. Office at matt@pactministry.org.

What others are saying:

"This past week God has used "The Experience" to open my eyes to a broader vision of youth ministry. I have worked in a paid youth ministry position for 12 years, yet much of what we talked about was "new" and thoroughly challenging. Thanks for sharing your life and ministry with us this past week" - Mark Steimer

"The Experience is not like any other "ministry" for youth pastors. There is nothing to buy, no pre-packaged answers and formulas. It is the first time I went to a conference and left feeling ministered to and strengthened... like it was for me and not the people hosting it." - Andy Pifer

Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.

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