Engaging Your Teen's Potential (Parenting Teens Workshop)


You can check out this talk by Matt as he speaks to dads of teens at a Dad's Deal breakfast which is often a part of a "Parenting Teens Workshop".

10/22/07 - Straight Talk for Dads - Matt Brinkley - Download (51m 43s - 17.7mb)


Over the past 30 years of student ministry, there have been several issues that have burdened my heart to the point of critical concern. At probably no surprise to you, one of these areas is the struggle many parents face in raising their teens. The issues they face seem to have reached epidemic proportions.

Have you heard the heart-cry of the parents of teens? It seems that this cry is coming from both the Christian and seeker community. These parents seem to have a desperate desire to find a place of refuge. They hunger for understanding, hope, and insight into the hazardous challenges of raising their children in a confusing world. For many, painful personal experiences have made this pilgrimage even more complicated. This coupled with a dismantled community, seemingly few absolutes, and families falling apart all around them make Christ and His bride the only hope to give them the direction and care that they are desperately seeking. What a great opportunity!

The Lord has placed on my heart a great passion to help student pastors in their effort to encougage parents as they seek insight in parenting their teens. I would love to have the privilege to minister to your parents through a weekend Insight Parenting Conference at your church. Here are a few examples of the types of issues that I address:

  • The Plight of Parenting
  • The Mentoring Mission
  • The Difficult Dealings of Discipline
  • Breaking the Communication Code
  • A Little Known Secret of Incredible Parents
  • How they think/ How we think
  • Planning for Success
  • Creating Wise Boundaries
  • Dating by the Book

There is significant flexibility on how we might put together the weekend event that would best meet your church and community need.

Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.


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