Fighting the Good Fight “Spiritual Warfare”


Biblical, Discerning, Victory Enhancing.


Product Description

Fighting the Good Fight is a Biblically discerning and victory enhancing study of God’s word. It is intended to afford Christian students the tactical skills necessary in spiritual warfare. Most Christian students find issues regarding spiritual warfare confusing. Some lack a foundational understanding of the subject leaving them prey for Satan’s attacks. Others find themselves persuaded to extremes through exaggerated ill-advised theology creating unnecessary fear, reaction and solution. Fighting The Good Fight directs the students to a balanced view of truth teaching them: the reality of the adversary, discernment between satanic attack and battles with the flesh, and the proper solutions to help them stand in the midst of battle. Included in this study is a detailed investigation of Ephesians 6 which rewards the student with practical and powerful principles to fight the good fight to spiritual victory.


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