Entering into life with youth pastors one life at a time

Purpose Statement:

To further God’s kingdom by helping develop mature and complete youth ministers.

Mission Statement:

PACT Ministry provides relationships, training and equipping for evangelical, full-time youth ministers helping them grow in their personal spiritual life, their family relationships and their student ministry through a unique combinations of highly effective, proven educational, relational, and experiential strategies.

Vision Statement:

World-wide ministry beginning with the current PACT Trainers and rolling out nationally and internationally as the Lord leads and provides.

Theological Values

God Dependent – We believe that an absolute dependence upon God is the only way the ministry will reap an eternal harvest.

Prayer – We believe that prayer is a vital communication link with God to offer praise, confess sin, to unleash power, seek guidance, come under His protection, and to receive blessings.

The Bible – We believe the Bible is God’s infallible word and the basis of all truth.

Faith – We believe that it pleases God for us to trust and act upon His promises knowing that He will bless more that we could ask or imagine.

Depravity – Man, without Christ, is spiritually dead and without eternal hope.

Salvation – The only spiritual hope for man is to personally trust that Jesus came to this earth, lived a perfect life, was crucified for their sin, and rose from the dead to defeat sin and death.

Deity Of Christ and Holy Trinity – Jesus is God. God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Spirit are all one.

Ministry Values

Evangelism – We believe that evangelism is a command from God and this passion will always result from truly discipling a believer to maturity in Christ.

Discipleship – We believe the body of Christ must be nurtured through consistent prayer, accountability, loving care, and spiritual training.

Family – We believe the institution of the family is God-ordained and should be sensitively and carefully exhorted and protected.

Practical Values

Organization and Planning – We believe God has specific vision, goals, objectives, and roles for the ministry which we must seek and apply.

People-Centered – We believe we must be careful to keep our focus on nurturing people in Christ and not simply administering programs for success.

Experiential Training and Materials – We believe all trainers and materials should have been tested and proven through practical, “hands on” experience.

What do we specifically want to accomplish in the lives of youth ministers?

  • Expose truth of Christ
  • Teach discipleship through modeling
  • Provide training, educating, and equipping for highly effective youth ministry
  • Promote youth ministry as powerful, attractive, and professional
  • Effective resources to complement and enhance their lives and ministry
  • To strengthen the local church all over the world
  • On-going encouragement, support, and fellowship for youth ministers
  • Training recognized and acknowledged and respected by ministry leadership
  • End competition, pecking order and denominational prejudice among youth ministers
  • Opportunities provided for youth ministers to share written resources and strategies
  • Eliminate youth minister isolation
  • Help Youth Ministers become wisely and strategically placed within church ministry opportunities

PACT wishes to see Youth Ministers exhibit:

  • Stronger relationships among church staff
  • accountability in personal, family, and ministry life
  • Greater faith and dependence on God
  • Prayer
  • Stronger relationships with spouse and children
  • Greater balance in life priorities
  • Highly effective Christ-dependent and Christ-honoring ministries

The PACT Ministry Board exists to serve PACT Ministry by providing prayer and accountability for the Director of the ministry.

The board should meet biannually for prayer and business accountability.

The board should insure that the director is held spiritually, relationally, physically, and emotionally accountable through a monthly meeting with a mentoring partner.

Director’s Responsibilities:

Pray – To serve the ministry by praying for PACT Ministry.

Create Vision – To serve the ministry by creating vision, goals, objectives and roles for the ministry.

Implementation – To serve the ministry by assuring implementing of the ministry goals.

Oversight – To serve the ministry by providing direct accountability for PACT Trainers and creating systems of accountability for all participants in PACT.

Recruiting and Delegating – To serve the ministry by recruiting and delegating to qualified youth ministers the responsibilities of the ministry.

Communication – To serve the ministry by sharing the vision through verbal and written communication.

Writing – To serve the ministry through writing practical materials for both youth ministers and young people.

Qualifications for all PACT Leadership positions:

  • Christ-centered
  • Demonstrating a Biblical understanding of Grace
  • Spirit-controlled temperament
  • Committed to family as first ministry priority
  • Servant’s heart
  • Selfless (not seeking personal gain)
  • Teachable spirit
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to communicate the vision of the ministry
  • Dedicated to prayer
  • Committed to fellow youth ministers
  • Each leader must have a personal calling to serve the vision of PACT Ministry.

Corporate Status

PACT Ministry is a non-profit tax exempt 501c corporation.

Ministry Funds

PACT Ministry is solely dependent upon the generous gifts of churches, the business community, and individual donors for the financing to operate the ministry.

Ministry Debt Policy

The ministry should not incur debt except with clear direction of the ministry board.

Daily Financial Expenditures

The checking account of PACT Ministry is under authority of the board of the ministry. The director, while delegated the responsibility to write checks, operates with an assistant who carries out this responsibility. PACT has retained the accounting firm (Jackson, Reese, and Scott) to oversee the intake and expenditures of the ministry to provide accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Future Staffing

The aspiration of the ministry is to build the entire staff organization with volunteers. In the event that paid personnel is deemed necessary by the ministry board, the following financial statement applies: All paid personnel will be responsible to raise their entire support which should include social security taxes, insurance benefits, and retirement contributions. All support must be raised in advance of employment.

Ministry Projects

All ministry projects including publication of materials and conferences must be underwritten in advance of project birth. All ministry projects outside of those written in this document must have board approval.


If a qualified youth minister is financially hindered, it is the policy of PACT to make available all facets of ministry on a cost-free basis.

Ministry Partnership

It is the primary desire of PACT Ministry to serve evangelical churches through relational training and the provision of materials. It is also the desire of the ministry to cooperate with, encourage, and partner with fellow evangelical ministries to further God’s kingdom work.