Workshops, Seminars, and Retreats

The two-fold purpose of these seminars is to both equip youth pastors in the primary area of life-to-life discipleship along with deepening a connection and relationship with each participating youth pastor creating a future opportunity to invest in them through PACT relationships.

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Core Coaching Certification

The Heartbeat of PACT is to offer life on life coaching to Youth Pastors across the country. We do this through our Coach Certification Process. It is PACT’s process of vetting, training, and sending coaches into their local communities to provide care for their youth pastors.

Upcoming PACT Workshops
Roundtable Conference

The Roundtable Conference is an annual event.  PACT’s Coaches and ministry partners gather together for a multi-day time of prayer, accountability, care, and training.


Vision Flow

How to create vision, mission, values, goals, and strategic planning for your student ministry.

Great Commandment Soul Care

Take time to slow down and care for your soul through the paradigm of loving the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Longevity in Ministry

A little force over a long time creates fruitful sustainable ministry.

Life on Life Discipleship

Help your adult team learn and practice the importance of life-to-life discipleship within your student ministry.

Importance of Coaching

Coaching and always being coached are essentials for ministry.

Experience Retreat (Student Pastors)
The Experience Retreat is a three-day workshop dedicated to providing personal training and care to student pastors by combining classroom instruction along with practical on-sight training.  The retreat consists of roundtable discussion on pertinent topics such as…
•  Establishing personal priorities as a youth pastor
•  Assessment of personality (RightPATH)
•  Assessment of gifting
•  Training on the four foundational principles of ministry
•  Creating vision and goals in life and ministry
•  Creating a culture of life-to-life discipleship within your ministry
•  Building and caring for adult volunteer teams
•  Building student leaders

For further information or to make a reservation, please contact the P.A.C.T. Office at

Encounter Retreat (Student Pastors and Spouses)
PACT Ministry invites youth pastors and their spouses to be a part of a three day get-away solely dedicated to providing encouragement and care.  The retreat provides a perfect blend of:
•  Fellowship with other couples
•  Enriching encouragement
•  Pertinent teaching on marriage
•  Excellent small group discussions
•  Rest and relaxation
•  Long lasting new friendships

Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.

The Talk and Other Conferences for Students

“The Talk” is a Biblically inspiring one hour look at sex like none other. Matt Brinkley wisely teaches about this critical subject in a highly Biblical, yet authentic manner. Students walk away understanding God’s purposes for sex in a whole new way that both inspires them to protect this great gift as well as creating positive anticipation regarding the blessing of sex in their future.

Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.

Student Leadership Training (Student Workshop)

The desire of this two day workshop is to incite enthusiasm, aspiration and creative ministry pathways for student leadership development through highly relational vision casting, life assessment, focused training and practical ministry opportunities.

Through this workshop we wish to move students toward completion in Christ by challenging, training and supporting them in their quest for intimacy with Christ, the discovery and faithful utilization of their uniquely created personalities, spiritual gifts, talents, personal passions, and call yielding effective ministry creating a true sense of spiritual significance and deep satisfaction.

Motto: Moving Christian students toward spiritual maturity, leadership, and mission!

Workshop Tools:

  • RightPath Personality Profile
  • Basden-Johnson Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  • SLT Notebook

Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.

Dating By The Book (Student Conference)

Issues that relate with dating are a formidable challenge for Christian teens. No student pastor needs to be convinced of these challenges. Students are directionless as they attempt to navigate through this confusing maze. Matt Brinkley, a student pastor with over 30 years of experience, says that he has seen too many Christian teens fall victim to the pitfalls of dating. He says, “It seems that much of the Christian community at large has all but accepted these results, only standing on the sidelines in hopes that the losses won’t be too great. Many believe that the Bible has little to say regarding this critical area. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

In 1981, recognizing the huge losses suffered in this arena, Matt Brinkley began speaking directly to this issue at student retreats. This talk took on the name of Dating by the Book. Since that time, Matt has spent untold hours studying students, statistics, and scripture to attempt to unravel the many confusions that have so easily entangled generations of believers. In 1997, he wrote “Dating by the Book” student discipleship material to provide more opportunity for Christian students to receive the benefits of the study. With over 10,000 copies sold, this past year “Dating by the Book” was re-written and published for the third time.

PACT Ministry offers Dating by the Book Conferences to support youth pastors as they minister to their students in this important matter. As the speaker, Matt Brinkley’s Biblically balanced teaching creates a unique connection with students through real life stories, humor, and statistics. Students are gently led down the pathway to see the inherent dangers with the current world system. Matt then clearly teaches profound and life-changing Biblical principles creating an opportunity to understand and apply Godly principle that will bless them now and into their future.

Each student will receive their own personal copy of “Dating by the Book.”

Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.

Engaging Your Teens Potential (Parenting Teens Workshop)

Over the past 30 years of student ministry, there have been several issues that have burdened my heart to the point of critical concern. At probably no surprise to you, one of these areas is the struggle many parents face in raising their teens. The issues they face seem to have reached epidemic proportions.

Have you heard the heart-cry of the parents of teens? It seems that this cry is coming from both the Christian and seeker community. These parents seem to have a desperate desire to find a place of refuge. They hunger for understanding, hope, and insight into the hazardous challenges of raising their children in a confusing world. For many, painful personal experiences have made this pilgrimage even more complicated. This coupled with a dismantled community, seemingly few absolutes, and families falling apart all around them make Christ and His bride the only hope to give them the direction and care that they are desperately seeking. What a great opportunity!

The Lord has placed on my heart a great passion to help student pastors in their effort to encougage parents as they seek insight in parenting their teens. I would love to have the privilege to minister to your parents through a weekend Insight Parenting Conference at your church. Here are a few examples of the types of issues that I address:

  • The Plight of Parenting
  • The Mentoring Mission
  • The Difficult Dealings of Discipline
  • Breaking the Communication Code
  • A Little Known Secret of Incredible Parents
  • How they think/ How we think
  • Planning for Success
  • Creating Wise Boundaries
  • Dating by the Book

There is significant flexibility on how we might put together the weekend event that would best meet your church and community need.

Please contact Matt Brinkley for information about the cost of any of the retreats.