How PACT Coaching Can Change Your Ministry

Coaching Statistics

Less than 25% of youth pastors have been discipled through a life-to-life relationship.


Less than 15% have been mentored.


Less than 10% have been coached.


If someone simply decides they want to make a change in their life, there is only a 5% chance that there will be any difference in one year.

What Do We Specifically Want to
Accomplish in the Lives of Youth Ministers?

  • Expose truth of Christ
  • Teach discipleship through modeling
  • Provide training, educating, and equipping for highly effective youth ministry
  • Promote youth ministry as powerful, attractive, and professional
  • Effective resources to complement and enhance their lives and ministry
  • To strengthen the local church all over the world
  • On-going encouragement, support, and fellowship for youth ministers
  • Training recognized and acknowledged and respected by ministry leadership
  • End competition, pecking order and denominational prejudice among youth ministers
  • Opportunities provided for youth ministers to share written resources and strategies
  • Eliminate youth minister isolation
  • Help Youth Ministers become wisely and strategically placed within church ministry opportunities

PACT Wishes to See Youth Ministers Exhibit:

  • Stronger relationships among church staff
  • accountability in personal life, family life, and ministry life
  • Greater faith and dependence on God
  • Prayer
  • Stronger relationships with spouse and children
  • Greater balance in life priorities
  • Highly effective Christ-dependent and Christ-honoring ministries

How Much Does it Cost to be Coached?

The cost of coaching has already been paid. A faithful team of contributors made up of individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations provide the annual budget to provide this ministry.

Who Could Coach Me?

There are currently over 70 PACT Coaches in 24 states across the country. Where possible, our coaches love to coach in person. However, many are coached remotely. Look at our coaching list on the website for the coach nearest you.

I Am Interested in Being Coached. What Do I Do Next?

Email our staff and we will contact you soon.

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