Frequently Asked Questions

How long has PACT Ministry been in existence?

PACT was formally started as a 501C3 Ministry in 1996.

What does PACT stand for?

Prayer, Accountability, Care, and Training

Who is the primary audience of the ministry?

The primary audience of PACT Ministry are full-time youth pastors across the United States.

What is the purpose of PACT Ministry?

The purpose of PACT Ministry is to encourage youth pastors in their personal walk with God, family life, and strategic ministry.

What makes PACT unique?

PACT is unique in that its only desire is to provide highly effective paraclectic coaching to youth pastors with “no deals attached.”

What is paraclectic coaching?

Paraclectic Coaching is to value someone by coming alongside them to spiritually edify and mentor through understanding, nurturing, shepherding, equipping and coaching.

  • What type of issues can PACT Coaches address?

The following list are some of the typical issues that PACT Coaches address…

Personal Walk

  • Personal understanding and application of the Gospel
  • Daily Disciplines (means of Grace)
  • Life Management (exercise/ hobbies/ weight)
  • Habit Systems (Addictive Behavior)
  • Background Challenges

Family Life

  • Balance of Family and Ministry
  • Relationship with Spouse and Children
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Financial Challenges

Strategic Ministry

(Personal Competencies)

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution Skills
  • Staff Relations
  • Leadership Skills
  • Speaking Skills

(Ministry Philosophy)

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Developing Adult Leadership Volunteers
  • Student Leadership

How much does it cost to be coached?

The cost of coaching has already been paid. A faithful team of contributors made up of individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations provide the annual budget to provide this ministry.

Who could coach me?

There are currently over 48 PACT Coaches in 19 states across the country. Where possible, our coaches love to coach in person. However, many are coached remotely. Look at our coaching list on the website for the coach nearest you.

Other vital information about the ministry can be found in the section of the website… “About PACT.”