Core Coach Training and Certification Process

Phase I

Specific Vetting and CCC Training
  1. Vetted by PACT Director or Regional Director through recommendation or coaching, interview, and references
      (Character, Competency, Commitment and Chemistry)
  1. Attend Core Coaching Certification Training
(Three Day Workshop)

Phase II

Final Vetting, Commitment and Mentoring
  1. Vetted through basic qualifications
  2. Commitment to the PACT theology, goals and philosophy
  3. Mentoring- Enter into coaching relationship under Core Coach with all nine steps of the coaching process applied (four months)…
  1. Prayer
  2. Prospect
  3. Connect
  4. Relate
  5. Define
  6. Assess
  7. Encourage and Account
  8. Celebrate

Phase III


Begin coaching other youth pastors under the guidance of a Regional Director (Four Months)

Phase IV

Certification, Celebration, and Sending
Certification Celebration at the Annual Coaching Roundtable gathering!

Qualifications for PACT Coaches:

Sense a passion and calling to proactively pursue “paraclectic” coaching with youth pastors
(Paraclectic Coaching: value someone by coming alongside them to spiritually edify and mentor
through understanding, nurturing, shepherding, equipping and coaching)
  • Veteran youth pastors (recommended 7+ years of fulltime youth ministry experience)
    • Life experience
    • Developed Personal leadership
    • Student ministry experience
    • Established career path
  • Member in good standing with church and denomination
  • Christ dependent/ gospel-centered
  • Seeking to know and experience Christ by applying spiritual disciplines on a daily basis
  • Trained and committed to PACT core philosophy and principles
  • Grasp the distinct culture and needs of youth pastors
    1. Personal walk with God, character, and relationships
    2. Family life – marriage and children/Life balance
  • Able to teach and support foundational Biblical principles for youth ministry from an experienced point of view to include…
1.      Personal leadership enhancement/ how to envision and shape change
2.      Understanding and how to model paraclectic relationships
3.      Training in pertinent areas of ministry to include:
  • Biblical Preparation
  • Self-awareness (gifting and personality)
  • Communication skills
  • Relational skills (Staff and boards relations/ students/ parents)
  • Family ministry and counseling
4.      Creating attractive and engaging youth ministry gatherings to teach truth, worship, and build ministry community
5.      Developing, deploying, and supporting adult volunteer teams
6.      Creating a culture Christ-centered community, discipleship, and student leadership
7.      Reaching students for Christ through personal and corporate evangelism
  • Aspire for health in personal walk, family life, and strategic ministry
  • Mentoring/ being mentored
  • Personally modeling discipleship, evangelism, giving, and serving

If you are interested in joining the PACT Core Coaching Team,
please fill out the following information and submit it.