Core Coach Training and Certification Process

Core Coaching Certification is PACT Ministry's Coach Equipping Process

Phase I

Specific Vetting and CCC Workshop
  1. Vetted by PACT Director or Regional Director through recommendation or coaching, interview, and references
    • Character, Competency, Commitment and Chemistry
  1. Attend Core Coaching Certification Training
    • Three Day Workshop

Phase II

Final Vetting, Commitment, and Mentoring
  1. Vetted through basic qualifications
  2. Commitment to the PACT theology, goals, and philosophy
  3. Mentoring- Enter into coaching relationship under Core Coach with all nine steps of the coaching process applied (Four Months)

Phase III



Begin coaching other youth pastors under the guidance of a Mentor Coach (Four Months)

Phase IV

Certification, Celebration, and Sending
Certification Celebration at the Annual Coaching Roundtable Gathering!

Qualifications for PACT Coaches

Sense a passion and calling to proactively pursue “paraclectic” coaching with youth pastors
(Paraclectic Coaching: value someone by coming alongside them to spiritually edify and mentor
through understanding, nurturing, shepherding, equipping and coaching)
  • Veteran youth pastors (recommended 7+ years of fulltime youth ministry experience)
  • Member in good standing with church and denomination
  • Christ dependent/ gospel-centered
  • Seeking to know and experience Christ by applying spiritual disciplines on a daily basis
  • Trained and committed to PACT core philosophy and principles
  • Grasp the distinct culture and needs of youth pastors
  • Able to teach and support foundational Biblical principles for youth ministry from an experienced point of view
  • Aspire for health in personal walk, family life, and strategic ministry
  • Mentoring/ Being Mentored
  • Personally modeling discipleship, evangelism, giving, and serving

If you are interested in joining the PACT Core Coaching Team,
please contact us here.