Four Biblical Principles of Engagement that Penetrate Student Culture.


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Four Biblical Principles of Engagement that Penetrate Student Culture.

“I’m convinced youth pastors must be weary of playing the game of getting bigger crowds by entertainment oriented youth ministry. In “Four,” Matt reveals how to attract youth around a life changing and mission oriented ministry. Best of all, Matt has a lifetime of practical experience proving that what he writes is more than theory. Every youth pastor should read this book.” – Randy Pope (Pastor, Perimeter Church)

“Reading this book by our good friend Matt Brinkley is like watching future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre play the game of football: You are privy to a seasoned veteran who is has done it right and has been better than good for a long time. You are seeing someone’s heart and soul expressed in a way few can duplicate. And following his lead gives you a great chance to succeed.” – Andy Stanley & Stuart Hall

“4” by Matt Brinkley—is a book written out of years of experience with a passion for Christ, an understanding and burden for the New Millennium student, and a commitment to four clearly defined principles that assure powerful ministry results. It’s a must read!


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